Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yeah, that'll do the trick.

More American tax money to train and arm the drug cartels, that is (emphasis mine -- ed.)...

The United States and Mexico are now cooperating on issues of security, law enforcement and justice at a level unimaginable only a few years ago, a point GutiƩrrez made to the journalists in Dallas. But for the good of both nations, that cooperation needs to be expanded, beginning with the United States fully funding its commitments under the Merida Initiative.
I'd love to know just how much of that money ends up making it into the hands of the cartels via cartel infiltration of the police and military, and police and military defections to the cartels. It's not necessarily hard currency straight from U.S. coffers to the cartels, but it might as well be. I don't know what the solution here would be, but it strikes me that rooting out the corruption in the government would be a good start -- better than just shunting more money to the Mexican government as it is now.