Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm sure you know where I'm going to go with this...

...don't you?

Feris Jones' make-my-day moment came Saturday evening at a Brooklyn beauty salon.

The New York Police Department officer was off duty and getting her hair done when an armed bandit came in and announced a holdup. Police say she coolly drew her own pistol and exchanged fire.

The result was cinematic: Jones managed to both shoot the suspect's gun out of his hand and the handle off the front door, briefly blocking his escape.
Now, you and I both know what the antis will say: "Feris Jones was an 'Only One'! No wonder she was able to make that shot!" However...
Jones, 50, a Barbados native and divorced mother of an adult child, had never fired a gun in the line of duty during her two-decade police career. Officials described her as a respected member of the force, most recently assigned to the crime lab.
Never fired a gun in the line of duty in almost 20 years. I'd be willing to bet Jones went to the range with her gun maybe once a year to re-qualify. None of that is to denigrate Jones and her heroism, but I don't understand why any regular joe couldn't have done the same thing -- well, aside from the fact that regular joes can't carry guns in New York. And that's a damn shame too, because you know if she hadn't been there the folks in that salon would have been shit out of luck.

And a .44 revolver? So much for the semiautomatic pistol being the bane of the inner cities...