Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ban assault rifles NOW!

For the Wing Stop patrons!

John Anthony Lopez, of the 2300 block of Lazy Hollow, was charged with murder in Friday afternoon's shotgun shooting of 24-year-old Travone Jairai Ford.

Lopez then told Ford he "had something" for him and went out to the parking lot to his mother's maroon Buick and retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun from the trunk, according to court records.
Ford, meanwhile, had followed Lopez out to the car, the two got into a physical confrontation. As Ford drove away in the parking lot, Lopez fired a shot at the back of the car, piercing the trunk and striking Ford in the back, records show.
Hey, wait a minute. That wasn't an "assault rifle." That was something more or less identical to Grandpa's duck gun that the antis say they'll let us keep (after onerous licensing & registration requirements, of course). It's almost if said guns can be just as deadly as those eeeeevil assault rifles. Yeah, I know, perish the thought, right?