Sunday, October 17, 2010

Citizens of other countries...

...can be narrow-minded and judgmental too, apparently:

People I know who have lived abroad tell me that citizens in other countries are mystified by our gun culture here.
Translation: "Citizens Subjects of other countries are just as nasty, bigoted and prone to nasty stereotyping as anti-gunners here in America. They don't give a shit about the 49,999,967 gun owners that didn't kill anyone yesterday any more than we do."

I mean, really? Citizens in other countries judge the American gun culture by people like the Virginia Tech killer? Well, yeah, they do, No less than Australian Prime Minister John Howard said that after a killing spree in 1996, "We showed a national resolve that the gun culture that is such a negative in the United States would never become a negative in our country," as if people like you and me enabled things like that.

And Joan Peterson puts those people forth as credible spokespersons? How vile. (And BL, yeah, I know...but BLOG fodder, dude. ;-) )

(h/t Weer'd)