Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothin' to say?

Sure seems that way to me, too.

Challenger Francisco Canseco clarified the issues raised by the Express-News in July, and echoed by Rep. Ciro Rodriguez in a July 31 e-mail to supporters. The fact Rodriguez continues to pound on them merely shows he has absolutely nothing else to say.
Rodriguez and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been running some extremely nasty ads in San Antonio as of late against Canseco, hammering him on said issues. I Googled Canseco to see if I could find those clarifications and found this. And I really hope that IS the end of it, because if it really was as bad as Rodriguez and the DCCC said it was, then I would seriously have to question the judgment of Canseco and the Republican Party.

It doesn't surprise me the least little bit, however, that Democrats would misrepresent the facts on the FairTax. I saw the ad hammering Canseco on his support for that -- its tagline was something to the effect of "a 23 percent tax hike for you but NO tax hike for Francisco Canseco!" -- but of course the ad failed to mention the tax would be offset by prebates (thank you, Sabra) -- they'd get a check at the first of the month -- for food and other essentials. Like I said at Merv's place, Rodriguez (and the Democrats) must be getting really scared.