Sunday, October 24, 2010

This one's for you, Dave...

After the kids left to go with their dad this morning, my wife and I went looking for a place to eat in the Brooks City Base area on the south side. We came up on the Longhorn Cafe via Google Maps. After a little more Googling, we found their website and found out it was a burgers'n'fries joint.

"Check Dave's blog," Sabra said.

So I did, and came up on this. Dave had this to say about the one at I-10 and Leon Springs:

I am told that some of the other Longhorn Cafe locations are actually better in quality....Can't make it to the What-a-Burger near your house? Don't hesitate to give Longhorn Cafe & Grille a shot.

 Sabra's comment there: "Those onion rings look a lot like the ones I used to get from the Pig Stand back in the day. Might make the trip just for them." I reminded her of that comment and the Longhorn Cafe it was. Sadly I did not get any pictures, though I don't think the patty was frozen. I can tell you the double-meat cheeseburger was very good, though, definitely worth another trip. And the onion rings turned out to be pretty good too. Sabra liked her chicken strip basket as well, though I was too busy scarfing down my burger to ask her for a bite of one of those strips. ;-) So Dave or any other San Antonian reading this, the Longhorn Cafe on Southeast Military Drive is definitely worth the trip...