Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wow, so much for free speech, huh?

I've always thought it was a little odd how those on the left accused gun owners of caring only about their rights at the expense of everyone else's, especially when I see things like this:

...several abortion-rights activists questioned the sincerity of anti-abortion leaders who have been condemning (late-term abortionist George) Tiller's murder while denying that their movement fosters extremism.
"It rings a little hollow to me," said Stephanie Poggi, executive director of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which helped women pay for abortions at Tiller's clinic. "Anyone in the anti-abortion movement who has called abortion providers murders or called abortion a holocaust — any of those kind of vilifying statements — helps create the conditions where something like this can happen."

I just really don't know what to say to this, especially considering the fact that the last time an abortionist was killed in the United States was more than 10 years ago. Seems to me that the anti-abortion folks just can't win here. No matter what they do they're always going to get blamed for something like this. Helps create the conditions? Sorry, but I flatly refuse to believe that my dear sweet 76-year-old grandmother, who indeed thinks abortion is murder (and I don't think we ever even talked about intrauterine cranial decompressions) but would never raise her hand in anger to anyone, and those like her would create the circumstances for something like this. People like her would tell you the very same things all the anti-abortion organizations have been saying since those shots rang out in that Kansas church -- that no matter Tiller's actions, he was due to be judged and punished by God, not man, just as we all are due to be. There are going to be violent crackpots in every movement, and it's grossly unfair to judge the whole movement based on the actions of those few.