Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A new level of cluelessness...

...that I never thought existed even in Washington, D.C., let alone outside of it
(emphasis mine -- ed.):

He tells me there’s another reason they (Little Texas -- ed.) can’t necessarily play in Texas – their music is too polished. I didn’t know this either, but apparently there is a certain ‘Texas’ sound, which is quite un-polished (poorly recorded both vocally and musically) that local radio in Texas is willing to play if you’re on the Texas circuit. And then there’s the polished sound of good vocals and fine musicianship that Nashville is known for – which if you come from Texas, and leave Texas to do, they won’t play.

I saw nothing in the blog entry that made me think that was some sort of joke, so I am left to believe the blogger was being serious. Which leaves me just absolutely speechless. Almost. Didn't know there was a certain Texas sound? Texas music is poorly recorded? By, apparently, who the writer thinks are shit musicians who couldn't hack it in Nashville? Wow. And they call us Texans provincial hicks? I am not an audiophile either, but I have gotten quite a few Texas-red dirt recordings into my collection over the last 9 years or so, and NONE of them have sounded significantly different recording-wise than anything that comes out of Nashville. I hate to come off like a jerk here, but if that's the quality of commentary that comes from the "most respected music and entertainment blog in Nashville," then it's small wonder mainstream country music has gotten to be in such sad shape. And while I suppose such a slogan is tongue-in-cheek, there's still no excuse for anyone who bills himself or herself to be a music blogger to be so ignorant of what goes on down here — especially considering how the Texas-red dirt scene has exploded in the last few years. Trailer nailed it about Little Texas, though:
"Little Texas can't go back because they 'sold out' years ago. But mostly they can't go back because they're irrelevant."
(h/t Country California)