Thursday, June 18, 2009

More ignorance... the letters to the editor in today's Houston Chronicle:

I do not see why we are making such a fuss over the Iran election. We had a similar election in 2000. Al Gore got more votes than George Bush. George Bush was declared the winner. Maybe they have an electoral college similar to ours. We may have more in common with them than we think.
The electoral college might make the United States more similar to Iran than we think? Wow, with all that's been written about the Iranian elections, and with all the information available to us via the Internet (including, I would wager, everything an ignorant letter-writer would want to know about Iran's system of government), this person says MAYBE? And who knows, maybe he's writing under the misconception that we live in a pure democracy (where his rights would be about as protected as those of the alleged minority of Iranians who didn't vote for Ahmadinejad), but he's still ignorant. Even if Iran does have an electoral college, so what? I sure didn't see George W. Bush saying the discontent of the Americans who voted for him did not matter, people rioting, Bush saying those riots were orchestrated by his enemies, or Al Gore being in fear of his life.