Tuesday, June 16, 2009

teh stupid is strong in this one...

...it burns, with the fire of a thousand suns!...

violence is for the weak. period.

Well yeah, of course it is, it isn't for the strong because they can defend themselves against it...oh wait, that's not what she was talking about, was it?...
most people in Europe think that fear is just very 'commercial' in America.

Forgive me for asking if she's from the part of Europe whose ass we saved or the part whose ass we kicked...

is there a need for us to have a gun in our home now? No. We dont have livestock to defend, we dont have wild animals roaming our suburban street. And as far as Im concerned..there is no other reason to have a gun.

No wild animals? Well, perhaps not any four-legged ones...and why do people like this think they and those who think like them should be the final arbiters of what we need and don't need? As the old saying goes..."you ain't the boss of me!"

Why does anyone need a gun when you have a functioning police force, and a highly effective judicial system, and prison?

...because, of course, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

Aaaand, Reasoned Discourse (tm) ensues!
This is a personal blog and a place to discuss matters, experiences and personal feelings towards issues. A place where people SHOULD feel comfortable expressing their truths and points of view.
Unfortunately you have taken that away from my readers and people (who I admire and respect NO MATTER their stance on the issue.

Wow, for people so cock-sure of themselves, they sure do have some thin skins if that's all it takes for them not to feel comfortable. Whine a little louder, why don't y'all?