Monday, June 08, 2009

It really would be interesting... find out what causes this sort of thing:

I've noticed that my 15 yo son is verbally abusive towards the opposite sex and verbally and physically abusive toward his twin sister. No, he wasn't raised in an abusive household. I am a single mother and I chose to remain single. I have never had a man around him the entire 15 years he's been alive. His father has never been involved in his life.

...but then I wouldn't be surprised if at least a few of the answers in this case were contained right here. Chose to remain single. I wonder why that was? I could be way the hell off base, but could there have been some bitterness harbored by the mother towards the boy's dad and maybe even men in general, maybe manifesting itself in some behavior the mother's not admitting to? "I have never had a man around him the entire 15 years he's been alive"? Really? At any rate, I'd point to the lack of a father figure in his life as the most likely culprit for this sort of thing. Somebody has to set the example, whether it be good or bad. And it could very well be resentment of not having that father figure, as many of his friends likely do. I did get a kick out of what one of the commenters said: "Knock him upside the head before somebody's daddy does." That's certainly one way to do it. ;-)