Friday, June 19, 2009

Of course he was a choirboy, wasn't he?

Fed stray puppies, helped little ole ladies across the street, he was probably just asking that old man if he had any table scraps for the puppies...

On Jimbo Lane, Herrera’s family put on black ribbons Thursday as the boy’s mother, Evelia Herrera, sobbed on the front porch and tried to plan a weekend funeral.
Her son — her only son — was a good boy, she said.
He cooked food for her and dreamt of being a mechanic.
Herrera was in the ninth grade but he wasn’t involved in drugs and he never stole things, family members said.
“It’s not right, it’s not right,” said his sister, Marisa Peralta, 20. “I don’t know why my brother was over there, but I know for sure he wasn’t bad. He was probably just defending himself.”

Yes indeed, that big, strong teenager was defending himself from an old man so weak he needed oxygen to breathe, and that old man shot that little boy because he hates teh brown people. Couldn't have had a damn thing to do with the old man being in fear of his safety, oh teh noes. I can't WAIT to see what Lisa Falkenberg has to say about this. You know, I realize people want to think the best of their family members, but sooner or later they're just gonna have to realize he just might not have been the little angel they thought he was. I wonder why no one asked the family about the crack pipe...