Wednesday, June 02, 2010

That's a special kind of greedy, right there.

Suing the railroad company because the engineer couldn't stop the train on a dime, that is. I understand the family of that kid was grieving after what happened to him, but I don't understand why they couldn't accept that the kid was injured because of his own bad choices -- or someone else's, in the case that it was the family of someone besides the driver.

And if it was not the driver's family that sued, I don't understand why they could not have sued the driver of the truck instead, because he was the one who made the conscious choice to drive in front of the train. Honestly, 8,000 tons of steel going 55 mph? It's not rocket surgery to figure out such a thing is not going to handle like a Ferrari. And I almost understand Travis Benke saying, "we’ve been killing people since Day 1," but for the fact that, ultimately, it was the fault of the people running in front of the trains that they met the fates they did. I could have sworn that one of the first things I learned in driver's ed back in the day was that the train always had the right of way. Even if I didn't, again, it's not hard to figure out that it's practically impossible for the train to avoid a collision. I suppose acknowledging that would take some sense of personal responsibility, though, and we all know the aversion people have to that.