Saturday, June 19, 2010

Layers and layers of fact-checkers!

...or, the Dallas Police Department issues revolvers as duty weapons?

A Dallas police officer who fired a gun in a squad car during a drunken off-duty incident faces a misdemeanor discharging a weapon charge.
While the car was in motion, Beemer demanded that the officer stop as she tried to open the door. Then she pulled a revolver from her ankle holster and fired into the floorboard. No one was injured.
Damn, that's pretty old-school right there. And I'd think the issuance of a revolver as a duty weapon would show the contention that the criminals are in any way outgunning the police as the filthy lie that it is. Why? Because however much of a disadvantage you're going to be at with 12 to 15 shots before reloading, you'll be at that much more of a disadvantage with only six or seven shots before you have to reload. So which is it? Can the police keep the criminals at bay with revolvers? Or did those layers and layers of fact-checkers go back to an old term that doesn't fit?