Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need cheap rotgut vodka NOW...

because I want to be sure I never get to be that bad.

Those of you with Sirius or XM satellite radio know they have some rather off-the-wall names for the channels -- The Roadhouse, Classic Vinyl, Hair Nation, etc. Anyway, overheard just a few minutes ago as we were pulling into the driveway listening to Hair Nation:

Sabra: "I wonder how much alcohol they had to drink to come up with those channel names."

Me: "I dunno. How much do you think they had to drink to come up with the slogan 'We play your kind of country'? Isn't that what they say on KJ97?"

Sabra: "That (level of banality) can only be achieved with a lifetime of teetotaling."

Yes, indeed...