Thursday, June 10, 2010

I can see where this blog could go.

One of the first blogs I ever read was a Houston-based blog called -- what else?-- blogHOUSTON. Blogger Laurence Simon called the site "an excellent rolling rebuttal to the Houston Chronicle's horrid op-ed pages and news coverage." I could almost see this site going that way as I keep buying the dead-tree edition of the San Antonio Express-News. Why is that, you say? (In addition to my ongoing critiques of Scott Stroud, Jan Jarboe Russell, et al.) Well, with all that that went on in San Antonio and South Texas yesterday -- the flooding in Comal County, Mir Imran's establishment of three new companies bringing a good bit of high-paying jobs to San Antonio, Rick Perry's urging Bill White to drop out of the governor's race because of a potential conflict of interest -- what does the Express-News copy desk decide to make the day's top story? Across the strip. at the very top of the page? This:

Huskers set to shuck the Big 12
I could understand that if this were the Lincoln Journal Star or the Omaha World-Herald, but San Antonio? The only connection to the Big 12 that San Antonio has is the fact that the football championship game has been played here now and then -- three times since the conference's inception, most recently in 2007. Yet it was the biggest news of the day in the city's major daily paper. Good grief. I don't know if the Express News' circulation numbers have declined as precipitously as many papers' numbers have, but if that's the best layout they can do on such a big news day, it wouldn't surprise me.