Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Texas Democrat.... scarcely better than a California Democrat, apparently, at least when it comes to Second Amendment rights:

The Texas Democratic Convention is winding down with votes on resolutions that have included legalizing medical marijuana and requiring background checks on sales at gun shows.
The Democrats also have passed a resolution supporting a continuation of the ban on handguns on college campuses.
And apparently their supporters are just as anti-rights as they are, as seen by this comment:
Now if you are opposed to the resolution then you must feel that criminals and wife beaters should be allowed to have weapons along with the criminally insane.
Lovely. I do so tire of this line of reasoning. I really wish those on our side would take the converse line of reasoning and ask the Democrats why they support dangerous people walking free, or why they think that sort of thing is just peachy as long as they (allegedly) can't get a gun. We see them harping on this whole "gun show loophole" thing all the time, but -- and not that it matters in the big scheme of things -- has there ever been even one documented killing with a gun by a criminal who got it from a gun show or via a private sale? Of all the stories I have read, I have yet to see even one. I'm not saying they're not happening, but the Democrats seem to be making it to be a much bigger problem than it is.