Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's always gotta be about race, doesn't it?

Leonard Pitts, in today's Houston Chronicle:

Yes, the War on Drugs is officially race-neutral. So were the grandfather clause and other Jim Crow laws whose intention and effect was nevertheless to restrict black freedom.
Reading the entire column, one is left to wonder: If the War On Some Drugs was race-neutral in actual practice instead of just in theory, would Leonard Pitts support it then? And why has he never said anything about the various and sundry gun control laws' roots in the Jim Crow era? I love how he and his fellow liberals claim to be all about civil rights and liberty, yet they always go back to their modern compatriots' authoritarianism in the cases in which their oxen are not being gored. Hey Leonard? How about opposing the War On Some Drugs because it's a threat to liberty in general rather than just because black people are (allegedly) disproportionately affected by the tactics used? Or would you really be peachy-keen with more white folks being railroaded for minor drug offenses just to make it fair? Good grief, how disgusting.