Monday, February 15, 2010

Yep, Sneering Scott Stroud is STILL an ass...

...and the proof's in this morning's column:

...the whole thing (the flap vis-a-vis Medina and 911 Truthers -- ed.) suggests we in the media hadn't probed deeply enough with Medina and that she, more than most hopefuls, should have been asked a few less orthodox questions: Have you ever been visited by an alien? Buried canned goods in your backyard? That kind of thing.

In retrospect, Medina might have dropped hints about her views when she talked about secession, an idea Perry didn't reject outright, either.

Wow, so those who advocate secession are now equivalent to Truthers? Way to slander those who advocate smaller government, Scotty. And yes, that's ultimately what those who advocate secession are tired of and don't want -- the bigger, more intrusive government advocated by those who were voted into office last November. They deserve better than to be lumped in with those who believe in alien abduction and the like. I suppose it's some small consolation that if it comes down to it, Stroud will be one of those that gets eaten.