Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sounds like sour grapes to me...

...or, is Phil Stephenson saying this like it's a bad thing?

(Debra Medina) began attending political conventions at the county and state levels and got more involved with each election cycle. In 2004, she ran for county chair and won with support from a core group of Libertarian-leaning Paul supporters. She defeated Phil Stephenson, a longtime Wharton CPA who later ran unsuccessfully for the state Legislature.
Stephenson, 64, still fumes about being beaten by a woman he considers a disloyal, fringe Republican. He charges that she did not support the party’s presidential ticket in 2008, that John McCain campaign signs were nowhere to be found. “She’s into Ron Paul — that’s it,” Stephenson said.

Honestly, I don't see that as a disqualifier. If anything it makes me like Medina more because it shows she doesn't play the party politics game. I don't agree with all of Ron Paul's positions, but even so I think if we had more principled people like him in government, who didn't blindly support someone just on his or her party affiliation, the United States would be so much better off. As you might imagine, this caught my attention as well:
Others rallied to her signature issue — replacing property taxes with an expanded sales tax — and for her support of “nullification,” the idea that states have a right to ignore federal laws they deem unconstitutional. Those with libertarian leanings agreed with her willingness to at least discuss decriminalizing drugs.
A fierce opponent of federal gun laws, she keeps a Springfield 9mm in a zippered case in her car. She believes landowners along the Texas-Mexico border have the right to arm themselves against illegal immigrants coming across the Rio Grande. She also wants to post the Texas National Guard along the border.
Perry talked a good game vis-a-vis secession, but as far as I remember he never said anything about nullification or gun laws, let alone decriminalizing drugs. And no doubt many of the big-L Libertarians are shitting themselves regarding the stationing of the National Guard along the border. At any rate, it seems many had said once upon a time that Perry as the true conservative in the race, but this bit from the reader comment section nailed it:

"Rick Perry. He's been acting more like a Democrat up until this election cycle. A True Conservative Texas Governor, doesn't ask conservatives for their vote, then turns around an endorses Pro-Choice, Rudy Giuliani for president. That's not acting like a conservative."