Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where do you draw the line?

Kathleen Parker, on the tea-partiers, in today's San Antonio Express-News:
And though there's no centralized organization and no leader, some segments find nullification and, apparently, secession reasonable alternatives to failed politics and a gorging government.

I'm guessing she doesn't think those are reasonable alternatives. Which leads to the question: Is there ANYTHING Kathleen Parker and those who agree with her will take risks for? Apparently they think the American people should just take what the majority foists on them. And I wonder why it's never mentioned that the United States itself was formed by an act of secession. Oh, I'm sure they'll say "Ohhh, but THAT was diiiiifferent!"

To which I would reply, "How?" What the hell do these creatures think the Founders would have said had the British Crown required them to, say, buy health insurance? They started a WAR over less than that, for crying out loud!