Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I don't think that's how that saying was supposed to go...

...or, do what, now?

Why don't we like our president?” I overheard a child ask the adults at his table the other day in a restaurant.

“Because he is trying to destroy our country,” was the adults' response.

We have never had a president who felt that way. Have we lost our Americanism in our hate and discontent? I hope not. For if we cease to support our president and our government, whether Republican or Democrat, we'll cease to be a great country.

So, apparently, instead of "My country, right or wrong," it's "my president and my government, right or wrong" according to this letter-writer -- even if said government spits on the Constitution and the principles contained therein that so many over the years have fought and died to protect. One wonders just how far people like this will go.