Sunday, February 07, 2010

For once, Sarah Palin is wrong...

...and it's rather disappointing, to be honest...

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stumped for Gov. Rick Perry at a rally Sunday in suburban Houston, adding some national Republican star power to Perry's re-election campaign.

“A lot of us in our states proudly cling to our guns and religion,” she told a cheering crowd.

She also said Alaskans and Texans “pretty much want the same things —a good job in our hometown, safety and security for our loved ones and we just want a small and smarter government that'll kind of get out of our way.”

“And no one understands that better than my good friend Rick Perry.”

No one understands that better? What about Debra Medina? From what I've read about Medina, smaller and smarter government is basically her entire platform. Even some gay activists think Medina might be on their side vis-a-vis gay marriage because of her more libertarian leanings. On the other hand, as everyone knows by now, Rick Perry has cast his lot in with those who think the government should be in the business of enforcing their morals on everyone else -- to the point that he rejects the suggestion that we should let certain industries (read: casino gambling) come to Texas because it offends that voting bloc's delicate sensibilities. How ironic that Palin would address the Tea Party convention and then the next day go out and campaign for the very type of politician the Tea Partiers are trying to rid us of.

I did get a kick out of Kay Bailey Hutchison's statement, though:

Hutchison, asked about the Palin appearance, pointed to her own support from the likes of former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George H.W. Bush, who she said would be campaigning for her.

“I'm just running my campaign, and I'm very proud of my endorsements,” she said.

Proud of those endorsements. I think that should honestly tell you all you need to know about where Kay Bailey Hutchison's coming from.