Thursday, February 04, 2010

No new ideas? Rejected ideas?

Is Ruben Navarrette serious?

...while it might have been wrong for Democrats to taunt the Republicans as the party of no, it is fair to say that many of the ideas being proposed by House Republicans are leftovers from the economic policies of the Reagan administration more than two decades ago. Maybe Democrats should have said that the GOP doesn't have anynew ideas. Besides, there was indeed a presidential election in 2008, and Republicans' ideas and policies were put on the table — and rejected by the voters. Republicans need to accept this and show a little humility.

Ahem. No, Ruben. Republican ideas were most certainly NOT rejected by voters. The Republican standard-bearer was rejected by the voters -- a Republican standard-bearer who made his reputation as one who rejected various and sundry Republican ideas throughout his career. As far as the Republicans not having any new ideas, this implies that Democrats DO have some new ideas -- which should be self-evident horseshit to anyone with any more than a solitary brain cell. The only ideas the Democrats have are the same old ideas that have been tried and demonstrated to be FAILURES here and who knows how many other locales around the globe. In contrast, as one commenter pointed out, the "old" policies of Ronald Reagan resulted in economic growth and jobs. I don't understand the harping about the "no new ideas" anyway. Pretty much every idea along the political spectrum has been tried by now, and the results are evident for all to see. Personal responsibility, minimal government interference (and the accompanying lack of drains on citizens' income via crushing tax burdens to PAY for government interference) and letting the free market work as intended with the private sector taking care of as much as can be taken care of has clearly been proven to be the engine of prosperity here. It is only when we start letting our emotions do the talking, and saying that government should take care of things that private citizens can (and should) take care of, that said engine starts to sputter because of the burden being put on it.