Monday, February 01, 2010

Random Monday morning musings

Some adrenaline dumps are great. Others are made of teh suck. The dump you get when a state trooper rides your ass is one of the latter -- even when you don't get pulled over.

You know how you can tell you really like a song? When you pull in the parking lot as the song comes on and you make the circle so you can listen to it. I couldn't pull into my covered parking space because the satellite signal does not penetrate the awning. (For the record, it was Asleep at the Wheel's "Boogie Back To Texas.")

Speaking of Asleep at the Wheel, I heard "Don't Ask Me Why (I'm Going To Texas)" this morning, a song that features the line "You can hear Bob Wills, Bill Mack and me, on your radio." I thought that was ironic, considering the fact that Bill Mack talks so much on his show on Willie's Place that it seems Ray and the boys can hardly get a word in edgewise...