Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yeah, that's the way you do it...., wait, no, it isn't...

Dozens of people gathered on the front yard of La Torick Watson's south Houston home Friday evening for what should have been his 12th birthday party.
Community activist Quanell X said La Torick's death should send a message about the danger of unattended guns in the home.
“Let's stop placing our faith for security in weapons. A gun will fail you. A gun can be turned on you,” Quanell X said. “We don't want to lose another child to a tragedy.”

So, as opposed to teaching kids about guns, Quanell X apparently thinks they should be left ignorant. Yep, instead of teaching them, just throw the gun away and go on in Condition White. What an idiot. And probably a hypocrite too. You think that limelight-seeking shitstain is gonna tell his security guards to get rid of THEIR guns? Yeah, me neither.