Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paul Helmke shows his true colors, yet again...

“Extremists have hijacked the NRA agenda,” Helmke said. “I think most people are in the middle ground on guns. I think the NRA is getting pushed to the extreme.”
That's some pretty funny stuff, considering the NRA as an organization supports things like gun free school zones and (PDF alert) the existence of the ATF. Granted, the NRA spins that support as "having to work within the existing federal paradigm" and with the organization being the pragmatists they are I can see where that would come from, but even so that doesn't change the fact that when you sit down and look at the various gun-rights advocacy organizations the NRA is actually one of the more moderate ones. It's a good thing for Paul Helmke that he hasn't sat down and looked at the platforms of this organization or this one. He'd probably have a stroke right there. I'd guess his "middle ground" means we can have single-shot .22 rifles after a six-month background check and keep them at a government-approved storage facility, but then that's just me.