Sunday, August 16, 2009

He's probably right...

...but then there was a reason for this, too:

I think that many of these protesters at town hall meetings seem to be the voices that cried out against Medicare, Social Security, the Civil Rights laws and raising the minimum wage.
But now that I think about it...Lumping in the civil rights laws with Social Security and the mininum wage? The first was and is a Ponzi scheme which anyone who tried to institute in the private sector would be sent to jail for a very long time -- especially if the amounts of money working Americans have put into it over the years was honestly calculated. The second was predicated on the shaky assumption that a "livable wage" could be justified and further implemented with any harm to the free market and job availability, which has been shown to be untrue each and every time minimum wage has been raised. The civil rights laws, on the other hand, were about protecting rights enshrined in the Constitution that many have fought, bled and died to maintain. I think lumping politically-motivated money-pit programs in with that is a grievous insult to those who made that ultimate sacrifice. But then maybe that's just me.