Friday, August 28, 2009

My favorite song of all time.... the Roadhouse, Sirius Ch. 62: "...and you don't know it, but I came over tonight, there was somebody's car parked outside...Damn my eyes...Damn this heart of mine, I drove off into the night...Some fools never learn, play with the fire and you're gonna get's only love when you're loved in return...."
Despite his pop leanings, Steve Wariner was one of my favorite singers from the '80s, largely because of that one song, a No. 1 hit the week of Nov. 2, 1985. I guess you could say "Some Fools Never Learn" was such a great song that it made up for a lot of that. ;-) But I also liked the earlier hits from Steve's MCA days. "What I Didn't Do" and "Heart Trouble" were particular favorites. I'd like to have seen him do more in that vein, but still his pop-flavored tunes weren't THAT bad.
I should add, though, that for all I know he did do more traditional music with the unreleased album cuts on those early MCA records. By the time I started getting into that older music all those albums were out of print. After all, to hear the 1998 No. 2 hit "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" no one would have ever guessed that the Wariner album from which it came -- Burnin' the Roadhouse Down -- was one of the more traditional-sounding country albums of '98, and that year saw albums from George Strait, Alan Jackson and Randy Travis, who of course have been keepers of the flame ever since they've been on the scene. (And if you don't have that particular Steve Wariner cd, I highly recommend it...)