Thursday, August 20, 2009

Any malcontent with a mouse, and the flip side...

You hear a lot of people with big mainstream media organizations bemoaning the proliferation of the blogosphere, basically spinning it as "any malcontent with a mouse can say whatever he wants with no kind of editorial supervision." Well, I never really thought they had any room to talk, because of course you have those malcontents writing things like this in the letters to the editor:

...The Obama administration has no need to collect names to find out who is spreading lies about health care reform. Everybody already knows who they are. They are the ideologically fixated like Gingrich and the shills for the big-money special interests.....Loudmouthed parroting of talking points scripted by Astroturf organizations is not debate.....If there are rational voices from the other side, they are drowned out by the town-hall screamers and the disseminators of lies and distortion.

Astroturf organizations? Who exactly would these astroturf organizations be? Everybody and their brother knows the astroturf organizations are the near-exclusive domain of the left. You'd think if this character was so sure, he'd have tossed out a name or two. Lord knows those on the right have enough names to put out there when they talk about the astroturfing of the left. And with the head start the left has on the right vis-a-vis astroturfing, you'd think they could bus enough in to drown them out. And they've tried it too, but you can see for yourself how that worked out in one instance.

School buses? As stupid as leftists claim the "town-hall screamers" are, at least they haven't been that transparent. There's a lesson in that somewhere.