Sunday, August 23, 2009

As heretical as this might be to some folks...

....I do believe Scott Chaffin is dead-on with this right here:

I feel sorry for the Stones, since nobody ever shot anybody from that band dead in the streets of Manhattan while clutching a copy of the most masturbatory novel in American history. The idiot Beatles were enormous with the same people who would be enthralled with American Idol today, and that incident cemented them into a post-God Godhead.

I know the whole Beatles vs. Rolling Stones is by and large a good-natured thing with a lot of the bands' respective fans -- at least these days -- but I seriously thought the Stones were miles ahead of the Beatles as far as pure rock bands go. They had their moments, but everything I've heard from the Beatles compared to the Stones makes the former sound like a boy band in comparison, musically if not lyrically. Now, before you haul out the tar & feathers, none of that is to say the Beatles WERE a boy band and everything that comes with that characterization, but I still never got why everybody made such a big deal out of them -- just like I never got why people made such a big deal out of Garth Brooks. And I think it would be interesting to see how opinions of them would be different had John Lennon not been shot.