Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh teh noes! A gun!

On school property!

The head of athletic programs for the Pearland Independent School District has been suspended from his duties over allegations that he brought a weapon onto district property, officials confirmed late Tuesday.
“If there is any truth to it, it is a great tragedy,“ said Pearland board member Suzy Roberts.

A great tragedy. No, I'd say a great tragedy is the fact that we have lost so much of our sense of proportion that we would call something like this a "great tragedy" when no one was hurt. Of course, all of this is assuming that it was an accident. If it wasn't, I for one would be interested to see why he didn't do anything with it. One says in the comments that "there are gun laws for a reason." Yeah, that reason being Americans have turned into a bunch of pussycats who'll tolerate any abrogation of their liberties for teh childrenses...