Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So I guess the gun controllers would think this just fine, too...

...because, as you see, this act of violence was not perpetrated with a gun...

Victor McDonald said Tuesday that he was trying to forgive the three men he says blocked his ice cream truck and beat him while shouting racist epithets in northwest Harris County last month.
McDonald's nose and his skull around his left eye were fractured during a July 22 beating in which he said his attackers screamed racial epithets at him. Shielding his eye from bright light during an interview at his home Tuesday, McDonald said his vision still is blurry, but hopes it will get better in about two months as his skull heals.

Not only that, if they had their way he very likely wouldn't even have had the option to defend himself with a firearm. Recall, if you will, this quote from Michael Beard of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:
"The privatization of public safety is a dangerous issue in our society. And I've always seen that as the beginning of the loss of liberty."
If you'll remember, he said that after Arlington grandmother Susan Buxton made national headlines after being caught on tape shooting on intruder who broke into her home a few years ago. No doubt he'd think the same of Mr. McDonald's defending himself with a gun as well.
But the really baffling thing? The fact that certain black advocacy groups, i.e. the NAACP would likely not have a problem keeping that option from him as well. Makes their name more than a bit ironic, if you ask me.