Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Story of many predators, no doubt...

...or, Why does this sound so familiar?

Before Lucas Coe was accused of inflicting the injuries that may have killed 4-year-old Emma Thompson, there were at least five chances to keep him behind bars in two different counties.
“The system failed Emma, bottom line.” said Andy Kahan, Houston's Victim Assistance coordinator. “None of this should have ever happened. He should have been locked up in a prison.”

I'll tell you why it sounds so familiar -- because it happens All. The. Damn. Time. Somebody who should have been in jail walks, for one reason or another, and they do more bad things that often result in the death of an innocent. And of course, yet again, the antis will tell us these people ARE to be trusted walking free as long as they allegedly can't legally procure a firearm. You know, for some reason, I am reminded of something a member of the audience at a recent town hall meeting in Missouri said to Sen. Claire McCaskill: "Make us feel better! Tell us it's for the children!" Of course, we see how that worked for little Emma Thompson, don't we?