Saturday, August 01, 2009

Oooh, early mornin' Queensryche

...Hell yeah, at Hair Nation, Sirius Ch. 23: " my takeout food is growin' cold, and the candle's burned a hole in the floor and I'm, still waitin' for the ring of the phone..."
One of my favorite cuts from Empire, I'd bet "Another Rainy Night" was one of the reasons that album was derided by many as Queensryche's selling out to the mainstream. I still don't understand that mentality, though, because it just seemed to me Geoff Tate and his bandmates broke that song of the typical hair-band curse of banality that it would have suffered in the hands of most other bands of that era. Maybe that's my biases talking, and maybe that's even in the context of the greatness that was Empire as a whole, but I don't know that any other band could have pulled that song off as well as they did.