Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cloud, silver lining, etc.

...or, Breaking up and moving have their unknown advantages.
Never mind the airing of the dirty laundry. We'll just leave the whole moving thing at that. But yeah, I had to move and it was a pain in the ass. There was an added benefit to it, though, that I never would have foreseen. I couldn't pick up Sirius for squat where I was. And I had the window on the north side, which is the direction they tell you to align the antenna. In my new place the window's on the south end. So I was thinking I'd be out of luck. Not so. I can get better reception here than I ever did in the old place. So not only do I not have to deal with the crap I got to the point of having to deal with, but I can now have good tunes -- on my stereo instead of my computer -- in my new shite-free situation. Works for me. ;-)

"...sleep, my friend, and you will see, the dream is my reality...they keep me locked up in this cage, can't they see that's why my brain says, raaaaaage...." Ahhhh, vintage Metallica....