Friday, May 08, 2009

Why is this bizarre?

You know, for the MSM to have the reputation they do as a gang of raging leftists, they sure can come off as a bunch of prudes sometimes...

The e-mail came in with a subject line that demanded a double take: “News — First ever online sexual compatibility profile service launched.”
Wait, really? How does that work? And what happens if you’re not, you know, matched?
PillowTalk Profiles “eliminates the fear that one member of the couple will think the other is strange for his or her desires,” the press release promised.
Clearly this merited a little investigation. And it turns out that the scoop on the service is less smutty than first appeared — but no less bizarre.

What's so bizarre about helping couples determine their sexual compatibility or lack thereof? Hell, I'd think it was bizarre if couples didn't explore and determine how compatible they were in that department. Sure, you'll have instances in which one person will settle for less because they'll think that's the best they can get, but I would lay money on the proposition that in more instances one person or another will eventually get dissatisfied, so to speak, and start looking elsewhere for someone who's more compatible. I am certainly no relationship guru, but this sort of thing seems to me to be just common sense even if no one wants to talk about it in polite company. Really, is my perspective that skewed?