Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seven years for blowing off someone's face?

Am I really reading what I think I am here?...

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Five years ago, a shotgun blast left a ghastly hole where the middle of her face had been. Five months ago, she received a new face from a dead woman.
Connie Culp stepped forward Tuesday to show off the results of the nation’s first face transplant, and her new look was a far cry from the puckered, noseless sight that made children run away.
Culp’s husband, Thomas, shot her in 2004, then turned the gun on himself. He went to prison for seven years. His wife was left clinging to life.

Seven years. Thomas Culp blew off his wife's face with a shotgun, consigning her to a fate arguably worse than death, and for that ghastly deed got only seven years in prison. What a disgusting commentary on the justice system. And presumably those who support stricter gun laws, or even the gun laws we have now, will tell us with a straight face that he'll be fine walking as a free man as long as he can't legally procure a firearm. Ahem. Pardon me for objecting to that, but NO. If you do something like that to someone you don't deserve to live PERIOD, let alone live as an even semi-free human being. I suppose there will be other conditions attached to his getting out of jail, but the fact that Thomas Culp isn't pushing up daisies right now makes everything else vis-a-vis the penalty for his actions quite inconsequential, if you ask me.