Saturday, May 09, 2009

Oooh, more old George Strait... Willie's Place, Sirius Ch. 64: "...Well I come and go as I please, from down here up north and in between...but baby, it's a shame, 'cause I always feel the same, when I can't see Texas from here..."
A jaunty little swing number from his 1982 sophomore album Strait From the Heart, "I Can't See Texas From Here" was the only self-penned song George Strait ever recorded after he got his major-label deal. Not a bad little tune either. I'd like to have seen George develop his writing skills more and seen what else he could have come up with. He later said he had so much success with other people's songs that it was hard for him to get motivated.
But that's quite all right, because he still has an ear for great songs almost three decades later. And it certainly doesn't hurt when folks write songs with him in mind. I could be wrong here, but I seem to recall someone saying "Troubadour" was written specifically for Strait. Even if it wasn't, though, it fits him better than it would have fit anyone else recording today.