Sunday, May 03, 2009

Every now and then, I feel the need... apologize for my gender, and phenomena such as this are more often than not a reason for that:

In the world of dating, I’m an anomaly: I’m 42 and unmarried. It’s not ideal, but there is a positive side to it: After 20-plus years of dating, I’ve developed a keen ability to recognize bizarre dating games when I see them — and I see one.
This newest dating game involves single males who, having moved on to a new relationship, still feel the need to be with animals … that belong to their ex.
Whether your guy’s occasional stop-ins at his ex’s are really about the pet or have more to do with the fact that his ex walks around braless and in yoga pants, I can’t be sure; but I do know that pets seem to be the justification du jour for keeping a foot in the ex’s door while testing the waters elsewhere.

All righty then. Who the hell does this and why the hell would ANY woman put up with it? Would these men put up with it if it was the woman doing it? Or would they be thinking something was up? I mean, custody of the kids is one thing, but going by the ex's house to see the dog? ALONE, natch? I am just at a complete loss for words here. I mean, I can understand being attached to the dog, but why not just get another one when that one stays with the ex? I just don't get it. Lord, but I am so glad I am off the market and don't have to worry about playing those sorts of games anymore. Fortunately I never ran into anyone who did anything like this, but I know there was always the danger of it. Better Half only deals with her ex out of necessity, since they have shared custody of the kids. No doubt if she didn't have kids she'd have nothing to do with him, and thank God for that.