Sunday, May 10, 2009

My sentiments exactly...

...right here:

We should never apologize for considering strong actions that secure our nation. Nor should we allow concerns about alienating our neighbors to prevent us from frankly discussing the problems. We may discover shared interests that will demand a coordinated approach.

Yep. It might be nigh-well impossible, though, to have any fruitful discussion about getting ourselves border security worthy of the term -- precisely due to our politicians' pandering to a certain voting bloc. It seems like every time the issue is brought up, those on the Mexican side of the debate will invariably point to the supposedly lax gun laws and the demand for drugs in the States when the topic turns to the drug cartel violence in Mexico, seemingly blind to how exactly the drugs get here and the (minuscule number of) guns get there. And it seems that no one ever talks about what else could get into from points south or even via the Pacific Ocean. I seem to remember it coming out some time ago that Hamas used some of the same routes into the United States that the drug traffickers do, but it never got that much play in the media. I guess that's because they were stuffing so many column-inches with the American-guns-fueling-Mexico-violence meme and all the variations thereof. But that's still a piss-poor excuse for American politicians sitting on their hands here.