Friday, May 15, 2009

Great minds think alike

Weer'd, on the new Ruger AR clone:

Selling for just under $2000 (Wouldn't suprise me if retail would be closer to $1500)

**Yawn** For that cost I can get a Springfield M1A and some magazines.

HA! That's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the MSRP for that gun, but then I have lusted after a Springfield M1A for a pretty good while. If Ruger can fetch that price for that rifle then more power to them. I won't be surprised if they do sell very well though, considering the demand for semi-autos is through the roof right now and probably won't slack off for a good while. A Ruger 1911, on the other hand...I'd be wanting to check one of those out BAD, if that had been what the new product turned out to be. One can never have enough 1911s. ;-)