Monday, May 04, 2009

If he hadn't had a gun...

...he would have used a knife:

Murder charges have been filed against a 20-year-old man accused of killing another man in parking lot of a southwest Harris County bar during an argument over a woman early Sunday, authorities said.

Wow, though, how many laws didn't work here? At least four, five if the 20-year-old was drinking at the bar:
*minimum age of 21 for handgun possession
*same for being in the bar
*same for drinking at the bar
*carrying without a CHL, since he wasn't even of legal age to have the gun in the first place
*carrying in an establishment that derives at least 51 percent of its revenues from the sale of alcohol

But yeah, the "easy availability of guns" is the problem. What the hell ever. It should be noted though, that every single one of the laws this guy broke -- save for the law against killing people -- was little more than a malum prohibitum law, i.e., having a gun at 20 and carrying it without a license at a bar is wrong because the government says it is. And no one ever says word one about any of that. I wonder why that is?