Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Would that she had come along six months ago.

Kathie Glass, that is. From what's said in this story, she sounds a lot like Debra Medina, sans the ammunition that Medina gave to her critics vis-a-vis Sept. 11. And as great as I might think Texas being its own country again would be, this got me all misty-eyed:

Glass, a native of Georgia who moved to Texas in 1977, made it clear in an argument with secessionist Larry Kilgore this summer that she does not support breaking with the Union, according to an account in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Why would you want to stay with the United States government and let them kick you in the head? Why? What reason?” Kilgore shouted at her.

“I was born in America, and I intend to die here,” Glass replied. “And I'm not leaving her in her hour of need. I'm not turning my back. She's not going to fall. Not on my watch.”
Her position on gay marriage leaves a lot to be desired, but so do those of Perry and White. I'd be interested to know her position on casino gambling...