Saturday, September 04, 2010

Whose money is it, again?

From comments to this Paul Krugman column (emphasis mine -- ed.):

If the GOP takes the House and Senate, which will not happen, what will be the FIRST legislative act that they will pass which will immediately make every thing right? What is this secret? What will they do to get businesses to hire, other than cutting taxes, which is in reality just another government bailout?
Cutting taxes is a government bailout? Just whose money does this guy think it is? It would seem he thinks it's the government's money to begin with. This is how modern liberals think, folks. This is the extent to which the "progressives" have hijacked liberalism. Such a shame, too, because once upon a time they really did love free markets and everything else that made America great. Now they're just a bunch of borderline Communists.