Monday, September 20, 2010

"Psychoanalyyyze the chapters, on the path, to my darkest dayyyys..."

(since I had Queensryche on the brain after that last post)

...or, What the hell?

Some people read way too frakkin' much into simple statements. My status last night on Facebook:

Sure is nice to come home to somebody who misses me when I am opposed to coming home to someone (the ex-girlfriend) who got to caring so little she got to never being there when I got home. What a welcome and appreciated change.
Comments from a couple of family members:
• erik belive (sic) you have isue (sic) with your X that need working out

• Erik I agree with him, you need to move on or nothing will work
I honestly had no clue where that came from, or that that simple statement would trigger that round of armchair psychoanalysis. Really, people, sometimes a cigar is just a damn cigar! I moved on a long time ago; I honestly didn't think that making observations, direct or indirect, on past relationships would be any kind of indicator that one had lingering, unresolved issues with said relationships. Am I missing something here? I've had a lot of shit thrown at me, and I know they didn't know that; but even so I thought those comments were quite uncalled for. Everybody has those experiences and remarks on them now and then, no??