Friday, September 03, 2010

Bill White is 'in it for Texas'?

Not so much, if this story is any indication:

Retama Park begins its 16th season of live racing this evening, but the thoroughbreds won't rescue the Selma racetrack from dire financial straits.
Texas track officials are turning to a well-worn idea in hopes of reversing their fortunes: A constitutional amendment to allow slot machines at racetracks.
Slot proponents won't get the backing of either candidate for governor. Both Gov. Rick Perry and Bill White oppose expanding gambling.
One wonders why Bill White would oppose such a thing, especially given his campaign ads in which he touts the jobs his policies helped create (and the taxes said policies helped keep a lid on) during his tenure as mayor of Houston. Is he really going to try that hard to go after the damn social conservative vote? Is said voting bloc really that strong? I find that difficult to believe. But maybe that's the optimist in me talking and hoping this state isn't in that much trouble. I really didn't think White could count on any of those people to vote for him anyway, but I suppose I could be wrong.