Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How are they gonna do that?

...or, Is Felipe Calderon serious?

Mexico's government said Monday that no sector of society should negotiate with criminals, making an indirect criticism of a Ciudad Juarez newspaper.
The comments came a day after El Diario de Juarez published a front-page editorial seeking a truce with cartels in this violent border city after the second killing of one its journalists in less than two years.
"In no way should anyone promote a truce or negotiate with criminals who are precisely the ones causing anxiety for the public, kidnapping, extorting and killing," said Alejandro Poire, security spokesman for President Felipe Calderon. "All sectors of society should fight them and bring them down in a definitive way."
How is anyone in Mexican society going to literally fight the drug cartels when their own government denies them their natural right to keep and bear arms? The folks at El Diario de Juarez are doing what they're doing because they don't have a choice -- their own government denies them even that much. It's really just that simple.