Friday, September 17, 2010

Good for Cornyn...

...for telling the bigots at the Family Research Council to piss off.

Well, okay, maybe that was an overstatement; but still, Cornyn's doing the right thing here. Republicans still have a ways to go to rid themselves of this particular stain of bigotry, but the Log Cabin Republicans (and unaffiliated gay Republicans, conservatives and libertarians) as a group are going to be a hell of a lot more valuable ally than RINOs like Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle. Some bridges need to be burned, and some need to be built; the one between Republicans and organizations like the Family Research Council is but one that needs to be burned, for the good of the party and the conservative movement. They would be a lot better off with the support of gay Republicans for good conservative principles rather than the support of heterosexual Republicans In Name Only who will sell them out for the sake of getting in good with the press. This isn't to say social conservatives aren't fiscal conservatives as well, but with the social cons wanting to enforce their morality on everyone else by any means necessary seems to come the willingness to throw the gay fiscal conservatives under the bus -- and then where is the conservative movement as a whole? How do we gain from that? We DON'T. So yeah, Cornyn, Steele and all the rest: MORE of this, PLEASE.