Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm sure the blood-dancers will be along shortly... exploit this to its fullest.

A 47-year-old father worried that he would never see his three children again was charged in their deaths on Sunday, accused of fatally shooting his son and two daughters as they slept in his north Harris County apartment.
Mohammad Goher then turned the gun on himself, firing into his mouth. Authorities found him unconscious and transported him in stable condition to Ben Taub General Hospital.
I'd love to know how Mr. Goher got that gun, though, considering that -- if I am reading this right -- due to a 2006 conviction for what I'm guessing was assault and battery against his wife, he was a prohibited person under the terms of the Lautenberg Amendment. You mean to tell me another gun control law didn't work? You mean to tell me that the only those kids would've been kept safe is if their daddy had been locked up tighter than Dick's hatband guarded by other men with guns? Color me shocked.